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Who are we?

The Burger - first delivery of real American burgers in Kiev.

What's cooking?

Succulent and hearty, tasty and correct - we are preparing a real burgers according to traditional recipes, which were collected throughout the world.


High-quality and healthy products - the key to first-class burger.

For your health, we use only organic vegetables, organic meats, fresh cheeses and homemade sauces.

  •  Marbled meat breed bulls Aberdeen Anguss

  •  Fresh bread rolls from a private bakery

  •  Organic cheeses imported from Europe

  •  A selection of vegetables

  •  Hand made sauces


How we cook?

The cooking process is strictly regulated and controlled by our chef:

  •  Every day we prepare fresh beef, no frost and vacuum
  • Buns brought the early morning with a private bakery
  • Vegetables, cheeses and other ingredients are selected manually for each order
  • Burger outlet must have an accurate statement weight
  • Salads are prepared only from under the knife immediately after ordering
  • The preparation of a single order - no more than 20 minutes.

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